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Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Mr. Kananga to Deputise Ranguma in the Kisumu Race

Governor Ranguma names his running-mate.

Dr. Owili to Deputise Prof Nyongo in Governor Race

Dr. Mathew Ochiengโ€™ Owili will be my running mate and nominee for the position of Deputy Governor on the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party ticket, Kisumu County - Prof Nyong'o.

Meet Kisumu County’s Youngest Gubernatorial Candidate

Ondiek has little or no taint making him owe his candidature to anyone. He is actually a cut from a new piece of clothing.

“Oluwo Reru” – Non-Kisumu Natives to field own Candidates in 2017

Leaders and residents had criticized the exclusion of non-natives from job appointments.