How We Work

We work to ensure that Amazing Kisumu’s marketing activities lead to increased awareness and improve the reputation of the Great County of Kisumu.

Our service activities lift the city’s hospitality to a whole new level. A hospitable city plays an important role in the way visitors and residents experience it and contributes significantly to its overall esteem.

Marketing, Services and Relations

The marketing activity is divided into consumer marketing and business marketing.

  • Consumer marketing initiates, organizes and coordinates campaigns, activities and promotions aimed at consumers. This means that we are active for international and national visitors and also residents. We act to entice consumers to visit the Great County and City of Kisumu and familiarize residents with what’s on offer
  • Business marketing promotes the Great County of Kisumu nationally and internationally as an ideal location in which to invest, start a business and organize a conference or business meeting.


We see city ​​hospitality as a vital part of city marketing. To optimize hospitality we provide services to visitors, residents, governing bodies and partners from the business, cultural and education sectors.

To conduct service activities efficiently, research, development and consultancy are indispensable. We gather information on the latest market developments as a basis for our marketing policy and that of our clients. In addition, we collect, manage and distribute data in the fields of tourism, recreation and culture. We distribute this information via our database, websites, print media and information outlets.


Our relations office maintains contact with existing partners and encourages potential partners to participate in the integral city marketing activities. A variety of partnerships have been developed to cater to the different types of partners.

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