Yes, we’re six years old today.

It has been years of highs and lows. Times that we have thought of giving up, but we have been loyal and kept the faith. Because what has always kept us live online has been discoveries and wonderful experiences that you our readers have given us all these while.

6 Years Old
We are six!

We were once told that if its not broken, break it! And in that regard, we have never shied away from breaking from tradition; we have tweaked along the way, to a point we sounded and looked confused, the learning curve has been to say the least, humbling. We have learnt major and great lessons, like: always think XX years from now, defining what we are and our product offerings, our customers and clients, among many others. This has made us wiser, ahead of the gang, and always innovative.

You have loved us, you have inspired us. You have made us better, you have made us who we are. Thank you!

All our digital footprints have always had you in mind. And we shall keep being better at it.

What should you expect from us now?

1. A more engaging site with personable stories.
2. Insights on arts and culture.
3. Business stories and insights from the county and the region.
4. Opportunities, solutions and helpful ideas.
5. Continued building of brand Kisumu.

Among many others. Always keep it #AmazingKisumu.

Discover and Experience the Best of Kisumu.


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