This Sunday evening, Movie Mtaani presents a hilarious movie called “Mos Kode” at the Hill, sorry Dunga Hill Camp.Β Come have an easy evening as you watch the stars under the stars as the sun sets magestically yonder Lake Victoria waters.

Dunga Hill Camp is always a perfect spot to catch the sun setting in with the orange hues of the sun reflected in the expansive water.

Mos Kode is a story of the supernatural, love, jealousy, triumph, pride, culture that sees a single mother of two(Joan Arigi), with greater need for a life she never had, forces her younger daughter, EUNICE (Hyline Kenya) to be married to CHARLES, (Rading Collins), a rich man who can supply to her unending demands but the story turns from laughter and enjoyment to grief as EUNICE finds out CHARLES makes his money through dark magic.

movie night

Mos Kode is a very intriguing drama that reflects on the skeletons that we work tirelessly to hide in our cabinets. The thing we practice in the dark and hope that shall never see the ambiance of the sun. It mirrors on the obsessions of many who will put money and material things before anything else.

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