If it’s Friday then it is #BusinessFridays, well, but for this month we do it on a Thursday πŸ™‚

Kisumu City is living its age-old nomenclature adage as a hub for business/trade. The name coming from the word “Sumo” meaning Trade informs the many business/investment inroads that many a people are currently making into the Lakeside City of Kisumu. Strategically located at the Winam Gulf, this city provides the best opportunity for communication with the other great lakes countries as Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Congo etc.

Therefore, it is very important that there is business focus to this city and region, via Kisumu.

With well-built road networks (and many more still under construction), the Kisumu International Airport next door, the oil jetty recently constructed by the lake shore, among the many other business infrastructures, provides the much needed impetus to do business in Kisumu. Don’t wonder why Nairobi is just 45 minutes away from Kisumu.

It means that you can still meet that business deadline, by catching a flight to Kisumu.

And talking of air travel, Freedom Airline just launched its operation in Kisumu. This brings the total airline operators to Kisumu to six and 30 flights daily.

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And we can’t overemphasize the recent glut in the real estate industry, with the many residential estates currently coming up in the city, the construction of sky rises in the Kisumu City CBD etc. the expanding and growing hospitality business, not to mention the institutions of higher learning launching campuses in to the city. These are just but a few of the many business opportunities with innovations taking root in the city.

It is in this regard that Winam Capital with other partners are hosting the monthly business talks to spur the conversations around business, investment and the opportunities inter-alia.

The speakers at the BusinessFridays meetup

So, let’s meet up this Thursday at the University of Nairobi, Kisumu and learn from the various leaders in their industries how they are innovating in their businesses, and I bet you shall learn a thing or two; #BecauseKisumuIsReadyForBusiness.

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