The third installment of the Kisumu Plus Size Fashion Affair is upon us riding on the theme, freedom and fashion.

Much like any other form of art, fashion is a way to express your inner self unapologetically, says the organizer Winnie Wenger.

As the pioneer and proprietor of the event, Winnie gives us a glimpse into what we should expect at this year’s affair.

Why freedom?

For many years we have been sold the idea that our naturally well – endowed bodies are not good enough. That we should conform to certain Eurocentric standards of beauty.

I don’t agree, so this year’s theme celebrates the freedom to express ourselves though our fashion but specifically for plus size women.

Why are you passionate about plus size women yet you’re not plus size yourself? In fact, you fit the European standards of beauty, why bother?

I believe we are all equally made in the eyes of God, but come in different shapes and sizes, and it’s okay to celebrate that. Ladies from Western Kenya are known to be curvy and we’re not going to hide that at the fashion affair.

What criteria do you use to pick whose plus size? Some could argue some of the ladies may just be obese? How do you distinguish that?

Plus size is anyone who is from a size 12 and above, that’s the measure of who is considered plus size.

Health is important in this industry and just as we wouldn’t work with anorexic models we also strive to make sure our models are healthy and not obese.

The models participating in this year’s event will be undergoing several health checks to ensure they are healthy.

How many designers and models will be participating in this year’s event?

We will be having 16 designers and 10 models for the whole event. Some of the designers you can expect include Hope Designers, Onyinye bags, Monatasha Designs, Collins Audi Shoes and Tigo Arts.

 What do you think is needed to change the course of the fashion industry in Kisumu?

Our industry is small and still growing. Unity among the stakeholders, private sector and county government will go a long way in promoting our activities and by extent the growth of the industry.

What can people expect in terms of musical performances and entertainment for the evening?

We will be having performances from a live band that will be playing Rhumba music and the Steper Wolves dancers. People can expect an evening like no other as we celebrate plus size beauty.

The event will take place on the 9th of June at the Imperial Hotel from 6PM to 1 AM. Ticket prices are Ksh. 700 and Ksh. 2700 for regular and VIP respectively.

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