Once again we participated in the just concluded BAKE Awards 2018 in the “Best County Blog” category. However, we did not win this year, we hope for another better chance next year 2019. A worthy competitor – Life in Mombasa clinched the award as the Best County Blog 2018.

We wouldn’t have come this far, without your unwavering support.

We say Thank You for believing in us, and taking the chance to vote for us when we called you to do so.

In the meantime, continue reading our blog, subscribe if you haven’t and we shall be able to deliver great content straight into your mailbox.

Much love


The BAKE Awards 2018 winners were:

  1. Technology Blog – techweez.com
  2. Photography Blog – tatianakaranja.com
  3. Creative Writing Blog – magunga.com
  4. Business Blog – businesstoday.co.ke
  5. Food Blog – kaluhiskitchen.com
  6. Environmental Blog – lizmazingira.com
  7. Fashion and Style Blog – luciamusau.com
  8. Agricultural Blog – theorganicfarmer.org
  9. New Blog – kalekyehealth.com
  10. Best Corporate Blog – brightermonday.co.ke/blog
  11. Topical Blog – owaahh.com
  12. Sports Blog – futaa.com
  13. Entertainment Blog – buzzcentral.co.ke
  14. Education Blog – thediscoverycentre.co.ke/blog/
  15. Travel Blog – violayasmineadventures.com
  16. Public Health Blog – healthkenya.co.ke
  17. County Blog – lifeinmombasa.com
  18. Religious or Spirituality Blog – ourmarriagechronicles.com
  19. Lifestyle Blog – potentash.com
  20. Beauty and Hair Blog – cravingyellow.com
  21. Video Blog (Vlog) – Over Twenty Five 
  22. Social Issues and Active Citizenship Blog – wandianjoya.com
  23. Kenyan Blog of the Year – aluochbonnita.com
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