I attended a tourism stakeholder’s meeting last week at Acacia Premier Hotel, which was organized to help identify areas of improving the county’s tourism numbers. Tourism is big business to any nation/county/locality. The county’s tourism department thus is committed in improving this and making Kisumu the leading light in tourism in the county.

In the above meeting, the CEC Ms Achie Alai also talked about a meeting with the local artists that was supposed to happen over the weekend, the same day that Lupita Nyong’o was in town. Actually, the meeting was to be with her. Achie informed the audience that there were investors who are interested in putting up a state-of-the-art arts centre in the county, since the county is and has been identified as a hotbed of creative talents. This was supposedly the meeting to help identify reources available, needs and opportunities that shall arise from this arts centre.

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And now on Saturday May 5th, our star – Lupita Nyong’o jets into the city – a closely guarded affair, with only a few businessmen and top county officials having details of her visit.

Lupita’s entourage including her aides and a group of investors, flew to the lakeside town under a cloud of secrecy and caught Kisumu residents off-guard.

She proceeded into a number of meetings with county officials, as well as a select group of artists representing various genres, at various venues in town. Many people who were invited to these meetings, never knew beforehand that they were to meet Lupita Nyong’o herself. All they knew was that it was just investors who were interested in their trade.

The purpose of Lupita’s visit, at the invitation of Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o, was to meet the artists of all genres, in Kisumu and gain an understanding of their needs and aspirations with the aim of commencing planning for the development of an ultra-modern iconic Arts and Culture Centre in Kisumu.

The region is awash with artists and the desire to revolutionize the art industry has existed for ages.

Rtd. Hon Raila Odinga makes a toast for the occasion with Mr Adjaye,Tourism CEC Achie Ojany and Lupita at Kiboko Bay.

The city was expecting to see her during the Black Panther Movie Premiere early in February, which she missed due to her busy schedule and diary.

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