At Masats Fresh Farm, we offer genuine local chicken (kuku kienyeji), fresh fruit, vegetables and fresh Lake Victoria tilapia fish for delivery in Kisumu, Luanda, Maseno and Nairobi.

Order freshly picked, organic and local vegetables from us. Our farms deliver daily, ensuring you only eat the best of what’s in season.

fresh farm
Fish harvested from the farm

Tomatoes: Our farm fresh produce also includes Tomatoes grown in our underground irrigated and airy greenhouse. Our tomatoes are raised just right to be the best.

Chicken: Our local chicken is raised in Luanda Maseno. We hatch our own and raise them on our own special blend feeds. They are vaccinated and wormed and farm raised.

fresh farm
Chicken in the farm

Fish: Because our farm is on Lake Victoria we can also supply our clientele with Fresh Caught Tilapia. Pricing will depend on size and availability per day at the docks.

The produce manually handpicked with care, ensures that you get the very best of fresh farm produce.

You will receive high quality fresh vegetables straight from Masats Farm, handled and packed in the best conditions that meet global standards.

Pricing will depend on the products selected and size of the order. Delivery prices are also dependent on distance. Large orders can be delivered as far as Nairobi.

Reach the farm via: +254 72-458-3716

Website: Masats Farm

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