What does your perfect wedding look like? Have you thought of having your wedding on water?

If you have, or havenโ€™t, then Impala Eco-Lodge can make this dream wedding come true. Impala Eco-Lodge is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, right at the center of Impala Sanctuary.

If you are hydrophobic, then this isnโ€™t ideal for you – but for the lovers of nature, this is something you should purpose to do. Impala Eco-Lodge gives one an opportunity to have a wedding on the lake and also within a sanctuary.

The jetty, which has a capacity of approximately 60pax, carries the bride & groom, bridal team, church members and close family & relatives and is where the main function takes place.

The bridal and groom’s team arrive from different directions of the lake on speed boats then they shift to the jetty where she walks down the aisle. The jetty has a beautiful walk way which acts as the aisle.

The other group will be on a ferry or floating restaurant. Both the jetty and ferry are at a close proximity to the garden on the beach where there is a possibility to watch impalas, zebras, monkeys hanging around and if luck is on your side, you can spot a hippo, or hippos, popping heads out of the surrounding waters. Friends and family wonโ€™t be bored during your photo session as they will be treated to a nature walk in the park where they will trail through a natural forest into the lodge hidden on the shores of the lake, which is Impala Eco-Lodge.

Then finally, at the end of the ceremony, or towards the end of the ceremony, the newlywed disappears in the lake towards the horizon of the ever beautiful lakeside sunset for photography, or to start their honeymoon.

Isnโ€™t that simply a dream wedding? Bring your wedding to Kisumu and this is a snippet of what you will experience.

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