Long live the king. Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther” tickets are now available.

Kisumu County has the opportunity to watch the screening of the Black Panther movie on the 13th February before the global screening scheduled for February 16th.ย 

For three days – 13th, 14th and 15th, Kisumu is going to get consumed in the Wakanda spirit. This has been made possible by the great county government of Kisumu.

Kisumu people, this is a special recognition for your own daugther who is acting as Nakia in the aforementoned movie. Actually, three of Africaโ€™s leading actors in Hollywood will appear: Daniel Kaluuya from Uganda/UK, Danai Gurrira from Zimbabwe/US and Lupita Nyongโ€™o from Kenya/Mexico.

Kisum governor – Anyang’ Nyong’o writes,

Remember that Wakanda is not a real place: It is an imaginary place. Just imagine an African nation that was never colonised, had its own civilisation and decided to develop on her own steam by empowering her people without leaving the women behind. What would such a nation be capable of doing, especially when it discovers that it has some precious minerals that it can sell to the outside world and use the wealth to modernise society without destroying her own culture and way of life?

Other great fans who watched the global premiere on January 29th, said that this is a movie you can watch as more than 6 times.ย 

“You’ve never seen anything like it in your life” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone was quoted as saying.

Black Panther movie continues to attract a huge worldwide following, with the Nairobi and Kisumu communitiesย  not left behind for this world premiere.

Grab your tickets now:

  • Advance: KShs 2,000
  • Gate: KShs 3,000


Do not be left behind. Be part of history. Book your ticket today.

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