If she’s too young to possess a national ID, why consider her mature for consensual sex? #thewayIseeit

NIGEE hereby invites everyone for a Peaceful procession against the proposed amendment Sexual Offences Act (No.6 Of 2006) within Kisumu town on 7th January 2017.

Save the girl

The local Kenyan dailies recently published a submission of memoranda by the Kenyan National Assembly. In this advertisement, the Members of Parliament are suggesting several amendments to different Acts.

One suggested amendment is to the Sexual Offences Act that seeks to reduce consensual age with regards to the offence of defilement from eighteen to sixteen years.

Reducing or lowering the age will increase early child marriages in Kenya; will result to increased rape or sexual assault cases in Kenya; will increase teenage pregnancies; will definitely have a negative effect on efforts around reducing new HIV infections especially among adolescent girls; and will negatively affect the full potential of the girl child.

Holding of this procession will stop the Members of Parliament from making this amendment and hopefully maintain the current consensual age at 18 years.

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