Located at the shores of Lake Victoria at Dunga, Dunga Hill Camp is set to change the leisure destinations in Kisumu City. It is a perfect venue for camping, picnic or just a lazy afternoon pastime with friends. One can also go out in the lake with kayaks added to give this place a sporting element. It is also a perfect place to catch the sunset at the lake’s horizon.

Dunga Hill Camp
It’s Lake Time at athe Hill

What an amazing sunset shoot at the lake from the hill?

Carved out straight from Picasso’s painting in the 1800s, the natural environment is untouched with a nice camping spot, a bar with plenty to pick from & the kuku choma here is truly amazing!!

β€” Says one Dave Ngiri about the place.

DUnga Hill Camp
The DHC restaurant

Want to camp at the most beautiful place in Kisumu? A serene spot by the lake watching hippos and amazing sunsets? Come get your unique experience at Dunga Hill Camp.

You have to see it to believe it!


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