Three days ago, YouTube received yet another new video, posted by The CBK Music (The Creative Band Kenya).

Termed by many as the best band to exist in Kisumu for the contemporary benga songs they churn, you have to listen to them to appreciate the talent they have.

The song – Siro, is about bringing Kenyans together through intermarriage with an example of Siro (Luo slang for Ciru), being welcomed to Kisumu from Central Kenya to have a peaceful & harmonious coexistence while shunning ethnicity that is choking our nation.

Over the years and generations past, there have been bad blood between the two otherwise seen stalwart tribes of Luo and Kikuyu. A lot has been said that the tribes can never share food from the same plate, or even tolerate each other, something that the music is keen to refute.

We will be able to see the Siro Music being a great unifier in the rather polarized political environment Kenya is at, and going into the elections in 2017.

Change of Tune?


Jambo, Jambo Siro, habari yako, nzuri sana, ei yawa aswitona, the only flyover in Kondele……… Nataka toa wewe Nyeri, nilete wewe Kisumo, via international airport, the land of Lupita and Obama.

On the other hand, the song talks about Kisumu & her beauty welcoming everyone to come and have a feel of Kisumu’s finest attractions.


Nitapeleka wewe Lake Victoria, tuendeswe na boat kidogo, ituzungushe hadi hotel Lwang’ni, tukule ngege gi kuon.

The band comprises of three young and prolific artists of Bluo Allan, Papa Aleki and Zdano Music.

Definitely, Kisumu is amazing and has the best to offer everyone world over.

Enjoy the beautiful Kisumu and music from the Talent Industry’s cradle 🙂

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