The Sh600 million expansion of Kisumu International Airport will be completed by early next year, managing director Joseph Okumu said yesterday.

Okumu said the expansion will elevate the airport from class C to D and E, with a runway like that of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

The phase two involving upgrade works started last December and will enable the airport to accommodate bigger aircraft.

Okumu said the expansion contracted to China Overseas Engineering Group Company will unlock many business opportunities.

Speaking to the Star in his office, he said the airport had earlier been refurbished to international standards for Sh3 billion.

Okumu said ongoing works include strengthening and extension of the runway and building shoulders.

The the 3.3km runway width will be extended from 45 to 60m, he said.

Okumu praised the contractor for quality work since they started the rehabilitation in 2008.

He urged the company to focus on thickness and strengthening of the runway.

Adapted from the Star Newspaper – By Maurice Alal

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